Apstrix Automation have passion in providing customized engineering solutions to automate processes in factories to improve yield and achieve more efficiency.We design and build special purpose machine based on customer specifications to help them to meet their productivity challenges and maintain the edge required for success in a competitive business

Packaging Line

Fully automatic high­speed Packagine line starts from Auto Packaging machine to Robot Palletizier with Auto­Pallet dispenser and ends with Auto pallet wrapping machine.

Leak Test Machine

Company will manufacture Leak Tester Machine which used to test the leakage of filters, valves, pipes,fittings,engine assemblies and various industrial components using air and vacuum based leak test controllers.

Cartoner Machine

  • Total Solution for Cartoning,Flow wrapping,Shrink sleeving and Blister packing needs
  • Modular cantilevered structure for Boxes and Bottling wrapping Machines.
  • 4servo driven axis for lesser maintenance with Automatic film splicer
  • Heat and cold sealing equipment with Ejector for empty/double/spliced packs.

High Speed Palletizier

Automatic palletizer suitable to deposite a wide variety of containers (crates, boxes, packs, bags, tanks etc...) on pallets. The sliding blocks contain a double set of bearings. A PLC controls all machine functions, format charge-overs can be effectuated automatically, new pallet configurations can be worked out on site.

Automated Welding machines

Company will provide automated welding machines for Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW), Plasma Tungsten Arc Welding (PTAW), Submerged Arc Welding (SAW) and Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) processes

Checkweigher/Metal Detector Combination Unit

Checkweigher/metal Detector Combination unit offers real-time, rapid, reliable and accurate inspection to all packaging line requirements.

  • Compact design permits installation in the most confined of line layouts.
  • Ergonomic graphical interface panels are rotable and tiltable.
  • Sealed for either IP 54 or IP 65enviroments.
  • Broad selection of automatic reject mechanisms available.
  • Networking capability with Datachek software.